Are you ready for a New Dog ?

Before your new dog comes home: 

Before buying a new dog or a puppy and bringing it home, you along with your other family members must make some necessary arrangements for the new pet.These household tasks will make your puppy feel secure and comfortable. It will also help you to care for your pet and will prevent you from running to the pet store at an eleventh hour; the first thing you need to do is, shopping for your new dog.

Food and Water Bowls:
You should choose a place in your home where you won’t get disturb if your dog splashes the water and there is no better place other the toilet or a corner in the kitchen. Before providing him with the space, you should have a big water container outside and must have ample of water bowls. Metal bowls are suitable as they are non-breakable and easy to clean.

The collar tags are available where you can write name and contact number, as it will work till the time you decide your dog’s name and get an engraved tag for your new pet.

Collar and Leash:
You may get a soft collar to clasp around your dog's neck and identification tag must be attached to the collar. A leash, which may be around 4- or 6-foot will be suitable and for the commencement of his training.

A crate is used as a bed for your dog in the initial stages of his life. You don’t need to buy a bed or a cushion, as your puppy might chew them. A crate will also protect your puppy while you are on board. A crate should be spacious enough, where your dog can lie down easily, turn around or stand up. You may require buying ample of crates for your dog and can cover up the bottom of the crate with an old towel.

Baby Gates and X-Pen:
The fold-able and handy exercise pens can be purchased easily at the pet shops, which serves as a boundary, so that your puppy is not able to roam around in the house. You can use X-pens as a fence in your rooms and baby gates for blocking off the hallways.

You need to get your dog with a few toys as to keep him busy, like raw hides and bones of a high quality, so that he can chew on. If you have to leave your dog alone in the house, you may provide him some interactive toys as a Kong or a food-dispensing toy so that he will be occupied.

Grooming tools:
Your puppy needs to be groomed up and for that you should have some grooming tools like, comb, nail trimmer, soft pin brush, toothbrush, baking soda and a shampoo.
Cleaning Supplies:
In the early stage of the training session, your dog will make the place dirty by spilling his water, tracking in mud from outside or chewing up something.So, you need to get ready for wiping off anything.

Pooper scooper:

A shovel or a scoop is available at the pet stores for cleaning up after your dog in the backyard. You may use some commercial bags, paper or grocery bags and plastic bags if you are on walk so that you can clean up after him.

That’s it! If you have these supplies on hand that means you have finished up with your shopping and then you have to look around and think of the ways in which you can make your house and yard a safe place for your new dog.