Dog Disease - Signs and Symptoms of Dog Diseases

The most important signs of the health status in your dogs are the symptoms of ill health. These symptoms of Dog Diseases are what will tell you if something is wrong with your pet. For instance the presence of nasal congestion is pointed out by the continuous discharge from the nose. Moreover, thick discharge indicates pneumonia in the dogs. 

Dogs may vomit. If it vomits once or twice then its nothing serious, however, if it vomits continuously then it is a serious matter and must be looked into.
Continuous itching may be examined at home by separating the hair material especially in thick haired breeds. It’s quite possible that you may see ticks or lice in skin, which look normal from far.

The dog may be suffering from bowel disorder if it passes lose stool continuously, however you need not be worked up if it passes loose stool just a couple of times. On the other hand, if the dog does not pass stools for a few days then you must ensure that its not suffering from any digestive upsets.

You must also keep an eye on your dogs walking style to make sure they are not acting abnormal. The dog may have foot lesions if it’s limping. On the other hand in case of aged dogs acute renal diseases such as nephritis is quite possible if the dog is showing reluctance in walking and taking in less food along with continuous vomits.

Whiteness in eyes may indicate diseases such as trypanasomosis. Incase the dog becomes anemic, then the mucous membrane of the eyes may become pale and in very extreme cases this may also become white. You need to ensure that the dog is not suffering from behavior disorders or rabies if it bites the things or people.

It is very important that you keep an eye on the symptoms of different diseases in your dog. You should monitor your pets behavior and habits and if something is wrong you will notice the change, this will enable you to get proper diagnosis and treatment for any diseases your pet might be suffering from in time and once a diagnosis is made proper treatment by a veterinary will help your dog lead a healthy and comfortable life.