Travel Accessories for Dogs

There are all kinds of nifty items available to make your vacation with your dog convenient and enjoyable. There are collapsible water dishes for long car rides or hikes through the woods. If your dog is going sailing with you, he’ll need his own life jacket. The canine companion hitting the trail with the family can have his own dog backpack and carry his share of the load. A tie out to restrain your dog at campsites and other outdoor areas always comes in handy.

For safe and comfortable car travel, you might find that a barrier, to create a pooch only area at the back of your station wagon, is just the thing. Or you may want to put him in a car seat harness to restrain and protect him on short trips. You will find these accessories at your local pet supply store, or through dog – oriented mail – order catalogs. Camping and outdoor stores also sometimes carry doggy travel items.