Car travel problems for your Dog

It is essential that your dog gets used to traveling by car or on public transport. Whereas some puppies will embrace car travel enthusiastically and want to accompany their owner everywhere, others are fearful and are terrified by the whole experience.

Making the experience fun:
If you introduce your puppy to car travel at an early age and make the experience enjoyable, he will be a good traveler. When you bring him home from the breeder, arrange for a family member or friend to cradle him safely in their arms.

A relaxing place:
In the first few days, get the puppy accustomed to going in the car – do this gradually. Park the vehicle in the shade and let him explore the car, and then sit on the back seat with him. Let him relax or fall asleep. The car must be perceived as a restful place, so keep him calm, as some dogs tend to get over – excited in cars and subsequently behave badly. Take him out as often as you can for short journeys to enjoyable places, so he associates car travel with fun.

Restraining the dog:
Decide where the dog will travel when he is older. For large breeds, buy suitable sized dog crate, which is designed to fit into the luggage area. Your dog will have plenty of room, and the wire construction will protect him in the event of an accident. A smaller dog can ride in a small crate placed on the back seat. Alternatively, consider using a safety harness.

Curing excitable behavior:
Some dogs get very excited when they travel in cars, jumping around and barking excessively, especially if they spot a passing dog or know that they are going for a run in the park. Wear your dog out with a game in the garden before you leave home. Take him on car journeys that do not always end in treat. When you reach the park, do some obedience drills to calm him down or sit quietly until he behaves normally.

Car sickness and fearfulness:
Dogs who drool or suffer from car sickness are best taken in a car on an empty stomach. When the ride is over they can be fed as a ‘reward’. If your dog gets distressed and is sick in the car, do not sympathies or make a fuss. Just clean him up and rive on. In time he should get over these reactions. Just like children.