Dog Q and A

In this section of our site we have added many articles in a Question & Answer format for people with specific problems, feel free to browse through this section and you will find answers to many of your questions about Dog Diseases, Dog Breeds, Dog Training, Puppy care and anything else related to the much loved pet that brings joy and happiness to so many of us.

Answers to numerous questions on Miniature Dog Breeds / A to Z of Miniature Dog Breeds.

Who is the Boss?

Why a Purebred Dogs?

Is your Dog Ready to Learn?

How to Read your Dogs Body Language?

How to raise your Dog well?

What to Buy Puppy or Adult?

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Why exercise is so important?

How much food is Enough?

I am thinking of taking up breeding but am not at present quite clear about the meaning of such terms as line breeding and inbreeding. What exactly are they, and what points generally should be kept in mind when choosing sire and dame for breeding?

I have arranged to take my bitch to be mated during her next heat. Can you tell me anything I ought to know?

How can I protect my bitch from unwanted visiting dogs while she is in Heat?

How often should I bathe my Dog? Can I let him Bathe in the Sea?

I should like to know a little more about the nutrition of dogs. Can you tell me the basic principles?

What are antibiotics and what is their use to dog owners?

Is there any way of telling a puppy’s age by its teeth as you can with horses and cattle? 

What is the meaning of dominant in dog terms?

Will you be a master to your dog?

Is it important for a dog to be a follower?