What is The Meaning of Dominant with regard to dogs?

The word dominant, which we hear over and over again, while we are talking about our dogs and their life. Do we ever think what does it really mean to be dominant? A lot of people think that the meaning of dominant is to be bossy, pushy, harsh and even some of us think that to be angry with our pet if he makes any mistake. The truth is all these meanings are incorrect and are based on assumptions, lets see how does the dictionary define the word dominant.

1.Ruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting   authority or influence: dominant in the chain of command.

2.Occupying or being in a commanding or elevated position.

3.Predominant; main; major; chief: Corn is the dominant crop   of Iowa.

4.Genetics. Of or pertaining to a dominant.

5.Music. Pertaining to or based on the dominant: the dominant chord.

so this these are the sentences, which can express the meaning of dominant, but there is no sentence, which can tell us how to reach at this position. To be dominant with your dog, does not mean that to be angry and become nasty towards your dog,  what it really means is that, you must comunicate with  your dog, who is going to be the leader. We should know that pack leaders should not be angry bossy and aggressive, members of the pack are not fearful of their leader, but they are respectful. The pack leaders are those who set rules and implement these rules on their followers, they are the ones who set boundaries and expect their followers not to cross that, they place limits and communicate ,to their followers  what is allowed and what is not, so the pack leaders are not aggressive they are calm and assertive.
Know what a dog need is a dominant and alpha leader the one who is calm and strong minded. Dogs actually like this kind of leadership and guidance. Size means noting its all about energy, all about how the personality of the dog owner. Let me be very clear that unstable humans make unstable dogs, humans are responsible for their dog’s behavior not the dog. A human who lacks confidence, will not have a dog who will listen to them and to their commands. So it is very important to be a dominant owner, you can not accomplish this respect using aggression and fear.