Talking to your Dog (what your dog is saying)

Being a dog owner, one should know about the language of your dog, most of time the owner completely misunderstands, what the dog is saying and because of this the problem begins. We humans have words and we can say what we require, but dogs can't ,because they do not have fluency of words, what they have are only emotions and as owner we have to interpret, these emotions and fulfil the needs.

If we misunderstand their emotions,  we will completely misunderstand what they are saying and make an assumption on their needs, which in turn would make our dog unhappy, when in reality dogs see and read the world, in a much different way than we humans. If we humans understood our dogs better, we could prevent many dog attacks and other behavioral issues.

Lets take an example of a hug what a hug means to a human being, when we hug someone, it means we are showing our love, to that person, but do we know what a hug means to dogs in general, to dogs a hug, does not mean love or affection, to them a hug symbolizes a social status ranking, representing dominance and an invasion of their space. How we behave with our dogs, affects how the dog responds to us.

So with the example give above, we can understand, we as humans can misinterpret what our dog is actually saying to us and wht is requirement is from his owner. What we might assume may not be the need of our pet, that’s why we face problems, with our dogs and become unhappy with our pets' behavior towards us.