Is it Important for Dogs to be Followers?

The Definition of a happy dog, is a dog who gets enough exercise and mental stimulation, but that dog who knows 100% of his role, in the life of his master and knows where he stands. We know that in a pack of canine, there is a master who keeps order, the master is the one, who sets the rule, which everyone needs to follow and is the one, who takes all the decisions.

We also know, that there are followers, who look towards their leader, to guide them. Both leader and followers are content, when the alpha member makes the rest of the pack, feel they are safe and the leader sees their structure being upheld. The leader is happy and the followers are happy, because both feel their survival depends upon this order. The leader should have a strong mind to make decisions and to tell the right way to the followers.

Humans and the dogs can only live peacefully, when dogs are in the role of the followers, because human society can not allow dogs to bark, growl, snap at or a bite another human. They need to tell them about their deeds and guide them how to live in a society, which is human dominant. If our dogs start wandering in to the streets and run, it would not be the dog who decides when to come back, we cannot let the dog decide when it is ok for us to leave for work. We cannot let the dog decide, who is allowed to walk into your home and who is not. We cannot let the dog decide who is allowed to touch "their" ball or sit in "their" chair.

There is another problem, that can arise, because of the behavior of humans, such as, when we don’t listen to what our dog is wants, when he is the leader of the pack, then this is the time, when we humans cause them to become mentally unstable. In a dogs world, it is understood, that the leaders are allowed to leave the follower, however the followers are not allowed to leave the leader. When a dog is allowed, to be the leader and humans who leave the house without permission, start to create their own problems. So it is very importan for humans to be leaders and to be at the dominant position, while controlling your dog.