Dog Breeds - Cirneco dell Etna

Breed :        Not Akc Recognized
Weight:       Male: 26-30; Female: 18-26 lbs
Height:        Male: 18-20; Female: 16.5-18 inches
Color(s):     Fawn; with or without white chest markings. White; with or without orange markings.

Cirneco dell Etna Breed Information:
This breed is very rare and is not commonly seen outside its native island of Sicily, Italy. They look a lot like Pharaoh Hound. In the earlier years, they were used to hunt rabbits and it’s a specialty amongst them that they can work without food or water for hours. In the present days they are only kept as pets or for conformation shows because of their affectionate nature and low maintenance cost.

Cirneco dell Etna Health and Diseases:
There is no known health problems associated with this breed because of its rarity. Its life expectancy is about 12-14 years.