Dog Breeds - Dutch Shepherd

Breed :         Not Akc Recognized
Weight:        55-67 lbs
Height:         22-25 inches
Color(s):      Varied shades of Brindle: blue, yellow, silver, gray, red, gold.

The Dutch Shepherd Breed Information:
The Dutch Shepherd is a breed of dog that traces its roots to the Netherlands dating back to the 1800 century.Due to its versatile nature it was used for guarding and in the police service.Furthermore, in the olden days shepherds and farmers used them for their versatility, being gifted with quick reflexes and great efficiency and able to survive harsh conditions and meager life, with almost no demands,they also strong cart-pullers.The Dutch Shepherd is a rare breed,thus difficult to find in North America and its home grounds i.e. the Netherlands.

However,they have come a long way in today's world, now known as The Dutch Shepherd as opposed to their ancestors the "working dogs".

The Dutch Shepherd Health and Diseases:
Since this breed is so rare, its health disorders are yet to be discovered.Therefore, we can only rely on their life span which ages between 12-14 years in order to understand, that they are still going strong.