Dog Breeds - English Bulldog

Breed :         Non-Sporting
Weight:        50 - 55 lbs
Height:         12 - 14 inches
Color(s):      Uniform color or with a black mask or muzzle; reds, red brindle, piebald; black undesirable.

The English Bulldog Breed Information:
This particular breed does extremly well at home surrounded by children, to the extent of tolerating chilplay,and almost making the perfect companion for adults. Though stocky in appearance and frightening at times, this pugged nosed dog is very gentle, caring and trustworthy, craves attention and love for its own loving nature.However,it needs a tough hand to guide its dominating side and responds well to its owner,thus always wanting a guiding hand and it is this pleasant and accommdating nature of his that has earned him its growning popularity.English Bulldog mingles well with other cats and dogs. Though bred for in the past baiting bull, in today's world its used as a reliable guard dog, if trained properly.

English Bulldog Health and Diseases:
This breed has the tendency to gain weight if not given regular excercise, which lead to lung and heart problems and even joint issues. Their average life span ranges from 8-12 years, however their are some who even die of old age, living on between 10-11 years. It has been established during a survey, that cardiac disorders, cancer and old age, are the contributing factors that result in death.