Dog Breeds - English Pointer

Breed :        Sporting
Weight:       Male: 55-75; Female: 44-65 lbs
Height:        Male: 25-28; Female: 23-26 inches
Color(s):     Lemon, liver, orange, black; in combination with white or solid-colored.

English Pointer Breed Information:
Dating back to the mid 16th century, bred in England, for the purpose of locating hare and upland birds,the English Pointer is still used for hunting game dog. It has a aristocratic and proud disposition,affection,loyalty and responsibility comes naturally to this breed, alongside its devotion and good temper. The English Pointer, physically is an athletic,well built and strong breed,with grace and fluidity when in motion.They are good with children and with other canine and non-canine house pets they have made their home with. However, they are cautious with outsiders and will bring it to the notice of their family without a delay, if required.

English Pointer Health and Diseases:
This breed usually suffers from thyroid related issues,skin conditions,dwarfism and hip dysplasia, it is necessary to keep a check on their ears and paw pads for gravel.They should only be given baths when needed, though daily brushing is required, using a firm bristle brush.