Dog Breeds - Finnish Lapphund

Breed  :            Not Akc Recognized
Weight:             44-47 lbs
Height: Male: 18-20.5; Female: 16-18.5 inches
Color(s):           Black, Sable, Tan, White, Brown, Golden; Markings of Cream, Gray, Black, White, Tan

Finnish Lapphund Breed Information:
The Finnish Lapphund breed, tough, fun-loving, medium-sized breed of Spitz type, which originated in Finland in 7000 BC, are used as guard dogs and for herding reindeers. Presently, this breed of dogs is famous as a herding dog for cattle and sheep and as a friend in their homeland and European countries. However, outside the Nordic countries, they are considered to be rare specie.

Finnish Lapphund Health and Diseases:
This dog breed is a healthy one with only minor dog diseases such as cataracts and Generalized Progressival Retinal Atrophy and in a few cases hip dysplasia. They tend to live for 12 to 14 years.