Dog Communication Sight

Dogs who live in a human family keep their eyes on their owner all the time. They cannot see colors and differentiate between them as humans, but they have a greater field or vision which enables them to see things to the sides and rear.

Visual communication:
As an owner, you have made as your ancestors did long ago, a mutual agreement with your dog to live and work together. Your life has no secrets from him you do and is poised to accompany you. Unless a dog has a sight defect, he can usually see well than humans in dim light or darkness. At a distance, dogs see moving objects best, so if you are calling your dog from along way away, use hand signals.

Can dogs smile?
 When you catch your dog’s eye; you will notice that his whole face softens: the lips spread instead of being tense, and even if you are not very happy at the time, the knowledge that your dog has sympathy and comfort to offer you can be helpful and cheering.

Staring at dogs:
A long, hard stare right into a dog’s eyes is a challenge signal and should be used only when it is obvious that he is about to do something that is normally forbidden. Never ‘hard stare’ an angry or hostile dog or one who is defending his territory. It is better to watch the dog is defending his territory. It is better to watch the dog with an oblique glance while planning your next move.