Dog Breeds - Eska-Poo - Eskapoo

Breed :       Not Akc Recognized
Weight:       8-20 lbs
Height:        9-16 inches
Color(s):     White to cream

Eskapoo Breed Information:
This breed of dog has been produced by crossbreeding of the Poodle and the American Eskimo Dog and are generally known as 'designer dogs". They are well liked due to their fun-loving, caring and affectionate nature, they do well with older children and adults and will also put up with non canine pets, that have been raised with them, however, if left alone, they can be destructive and can go on a non-stop barking spree. Eskapoo's are small to medium in size, however compact they maybe, they are strong, athletic, hardy and muscular in their outlook and appear to have a happy disposition. They also happen to be very alert and cautious of outsiders, if need be they know how to make the owner aware of trouble.

Eskapoo Health and Diseases:
Eskapoo's have a tendency towards diabetes, PRA, epilepsy, skin conditions and hip dysplasia. Furthermore, its vital to keep their ears clean, to prevent ear infection, which is common. Moreover, their coat has to be well looked after, by regular brushing to keep it from tangling.