Dog Breeds - Harrier

Breed :    Hound
Weight:   40-60 lbs
Height:    19-21 inches
Color(s): White, Black and Tan, Lemon and White, Red and White, Black, White, and Tan

Harrier Breed Information:
The Harrier, small to medium sized dog breed used primarily for hunting hares by following them, was developed in England during the 13th century. This breed of dog resembles an English Foxhound but is comparatively smaller than that. Apart from hunting hares, they could also hunt fox and rabbits and thus were known as ‘poor man’s foxhound’. The Harriers are very famous in England but remain rare in the US.

Harrier Health and Diseases:
This is a healthy breed of dogs living up to 12 to 15 years and is known to suffer from hip dysplasia and epilepsy among some other minor dog disease and health problems.