Working with Professional Dog Trainers

Teaching your dog advanced skills is not easy to learn from books or mere observation. It takes a school or a teacher trained in the task to show you how to prepare your dog properly. To find a reputable training school or professional dog trainer in your area, ask your vet, other dog – owning friends and local kennel clubs for recommendations.

Advanced Training Schools:
There are many types of advanced training schools. Some specialize in certain areas, such as competitive obedience, agility training, herding, search – and – rescue work or servicing people with disabilities. Other might teach a bit of everything.

A good school will help you train your dog or do the job for you. The school will evaluate your dog to make sure she has mastered the basics – sit, stay, down, heel and come – without the use of a leash. If she hasn’t brush-up courses are usually available. Advance training schools will also tell you whether your dog is suited to the task you want her to perform. If you own a Greyhound, a breed known for not liking water, she probably won’t want to rescue people drowning in the ocean or a pool.

Working with Private Trainers at Home:
Some owner prefer to work on an individual basis with an experienced dog to a school, but you and your dog are guaranteed to be the star pupils and you won’t have to share the time you pay for.

When hiring a professional, check that her experience is sufficient and that she has worked with other dogs of the same breed as yours. Ask what methods she uses and whether she suggests many different solutions to problems. You might like to ask if you can observe one of her lessons before you commit.

You’ll want to hire someone who explains things in terms you can easily understand. A private dog trainer needs to communicate well with animals, but for you to progress in your ability; she also has to communicate well with you. Remember also that you should enjoy the time you spend with your trainer, as well as see results in your dog that you are pleased with. Your dog should really like the trainer, too.