Dog Disease - Allergies in Dogs

Like Human being dogs also have different types of Allergies which can cause other dog diseases. Most of the time the reaction occurred due to these Allergies is not Life Threatening these Allergies make the dog sick. Some time these Allergies come in a shape of Urticaria also called Hives or in a shape of Angioedema.

In Urticaria some small bumps been shown in the skin of dog and it is a primarily Sensitive or allergic reactions it is rear that the bumps are itchy and the same condition  is Angioedema, in which the face of dog become swelling specially around the eyes and muzzle. Theses type of reaction is basically express within 20 minutes of exposure to the allergen. They are not always life threatening but because of severe swelling around the face and eyes and throat can create many difficulties in breathing and also some breeds can not watch due swelling like Bulldog, for Instance.

The basic treatment for this type of Allergies which is used is Antihistamines, but at the same time if the breathing is affected, epinephrine is administered.

One  of the most extensive allergic reactions is anaphylaxis it is life threatening disease that may include shock, like respiratory and cardiac failure, and also death or any such thing which is caused by an allergic reaction can cause anaphylaxis, including stings, antibiotics, vaccines and other type of medical treatment it is not really common but it is deadly reaction. Its common signs are a suddenly diarrhea, vomiting, pale gums, fast heart beats, shock, seizure, coma, and many other reaction and diseases there is no swelling in this sought of reaction. Anaphylaxis is a dangerous and should be treated in emergency, where you dog need treatment right away. Intravenous fluids. Oxygen and other important medications must be given. Although it is not known that what exactly caused the breeds to react so badly, those dogs who previously suffered with the allergic reaction like (hives) are on risk.

If a dog is suffering with breathing problem or any kind of allergic reaction so you must get the dog to be vaccinated at vet or give the dog an epi_pin it is a syringe and needle which contain a single dose of epinerphrine for upcoming emergencies.

Dog Allergies Treatment:
There are no specific vaccines for allergies, but there is some treatment options are available, starting to avoid the allergies which is not easy but by administering particular shampoos and oil, to diagnosing drugs. Consult with you vet to have a best options available for you and your dog.

There are several researches on allergies of dogs and how to prevent them some of them suggest that about more than a half of allergies caused by the food. If you thought that your animal is suffering from the food allergies use the following diet to prevent it.

Some of foods which can make an animal sick are beef, wheat, milk, eggs, fruits, some vegetables and various types of spices. If the problem had been solved by diet, then slowly re_introduce foods in one time to find out cause of the problem. To give a chance to diet keep your animal on it at least for two months. If the condition is not improved the cause may not be a food allergy or there is still some substance present in the food which make the problem continue.