Dog Breeds - Kuvasz

Breed :     Working
Weight:     Male: 100-115; Female: 70-90 lbs
Height:     Male: 28-30; Female: 26-28 inches
Color(s):     white

Kuvasz Dog Breed Information:
The Kuvasz is a breed of dogs believed to have originated in Hungary because of the mention of the breed being in old Hungarian texts. Earlier it was used for guarding livestock but over the last few years it has managed to become a household pet. Kuvasz dog breed is extremely brainy, affectionate and dedicated, makes a fantastic working dog. It makes a great watch dog because of its strong protective instincts for his family and territory. It is wary of strangers and therefore needs to be socialized in order to avoid it from becoming shy or aggressive. It is a very respectful dog and ever ready to protect his family. He is not quite suitable for the family because it has been used in herding and has protective instinct but it will get along with children provided they are not left unsupervised.

This breed of dog needs to be brushed regularly in order to remove excess hair during shedding and to keep the coat tangle free. This breed is suitable for cooler climate both mentally and physically because in warm climate it sheds all year round whereas in cooler weather he sheds during the seasons. The Kuvasz has a rugged double coat with the outer coat being rough and the undercoat being soft. This breed may have a straight or wavy coat.

This breed by nature is very brainy and respectful, but should be trained gently and not harshly as they respond to the tone of your voice. They are outstanding in herding as well as obedience. The Kuvasz require daily exercise and becomes easily bored and cause damage if not provided some amusement. Therefore, it should always have a room to run around; a medium fenced yard will be sufficient.

Kuvasz Health and Disease:
Kuvasz is in general a very healthy breed which has a life expectancy of about 12 to 14 years. However, they are prone to bone problems and hip dysplasia.

Kuvasz Breed Characteristics and Appearance:
A breed of herding dog from the mountains of Hungary.

  • General appearance: large strong dog with a wavy white coat, drop ears and a long tail carried down.
  • Head: skull rather long, forehead long and only slightly domed, slight stop, muzzle broad and long, scissors bite. Bose black. Eyes obliquely set, almond-shaped, dark. Ears set high, V-shaped, pendent but inclined to stand out from the head.
  • Neck: moderately long, strong, with no loose skin.
  • Body: withers long and higher than back, back moderately long, brisket deep, long and somewhat flattened, rump slanting slightly downwards, belly tucked up.
  • Legs and feet: forelegs straight, hind legs well muscled and firmly set. Feet compact, toes arched.
  • Tail: long, set deep, carried slightly raised with the tip turning gently upwards, covered with dense, fairly long hair.
  • Coat: on head, ears, feet and front of legs short, elsewhere fairly long and slightly wavy, well feathered tail.
  • Color: white.
  • Height and Weight: dogs at least 65 cm, bitches at least 60cm; weight not officially prescribed.
  • Origin of breed: probably the result of crossing original breed with the Molossian dog and the Komondor.
  • Characteristics and uses: intelligent, decorative, reliable, faithful, suspicious of strangers. Good herding and watchdog. Has recently become popular as a house dog. Needs a great deal of exercise.