Dog Breeds - Manchester Terrier(toy)

Breed : Toy
Weight: 7 to 12 lbs
Height: 8 to 13 inches
Colors: Black and tan

Manchester Terrier Toy Breed Information:
Manchester Terrier toy dog breed came into the picture during the 16th century in England’s city of Manchester. This breed of dogs is known for their skill to help manage and eliminate rodents and fox. They are also known as watch dogs and claim to be topers. The toy has a dazzling and attentive appearance. They are hard, tough,  graceful  and smooth this dog enjoys running on fields and have speedy legs.

This breed of dogs is also known for its mental alertness . Full of life and very brave the toy terrier dog breed is also a realistic and defensive dog breed . they do not like loneliness and do not give their best in that particular time they are very demanding in nature wanting full attention from their owners and if they became friendless then they have a nature to became  rowdy and will start barking on every one. They have another specialty they do not do good in homes with other dogs or with other household pets   because of their specific nature they are good with older kids and enjoy with children .

It is essential to clean the ears of this dog breed regularly. They should be given a bath at least once a week. The coat of the Toy Manchester Terrier is shiny, thick and soft. The Manchester Terrier toy needs a very leading and dominant owner. Strong and early socialization and compliance is a must for this dog breed. They are not good with harsh and unsympathetic methods. They are needy of attention during training and training must be given regularly. They will be happy and will do well in apartment style living and need timely exercise. They love to be with their family and enjoy if they are free to play in fenced yard.

The Manchester’s Terrier Health and Diseases:
This dog’s breed is mostly affected with Willebrands and Glaucoma dog diseases.