Dog Breeds - New Guinea Singing Dog

Breed :        Not Akc Recognized
Weight:        25 lbs
Height:         17 inches
Color(s):      Black and tan with white markings, golden red.

New Guinea Singing Dog Breed Information:
The oldest of the Pariah Dogs, this breed is VERY old and the subject of much debate. Scientists believe they are not truly raised animals. Today, by many people are thought to be extinct, with limited specimens being kept in zoos. New Guinea Singing Dog's are rare and hard to obtain.

The New Guinea Singing Dog has a fox-like appearance and is noted for their unique verbalization. They are extremely active and have the ability to climb and jump like a cat. This breed is well-balanced, hard, graceful, and attentive.The New Guinea Singing Dog breed is lively and curious but does not typically form close attachments to human pack members. They are not advisable as house pets. As they are rough so they do not do well in homes with children, dogs, or other household pets.

A double coat breed, the New Guinea Singing Dog has an outer coat that is straight, short, and crisp to the touch. The under coat is felt-like in texture and very dense. They must require daily brushing. They are naturally clean dog so they don’t require bathing.They are hard to train. They should be given an early socialization and must be done with respect, fairness, consistency, and with full understanding and knowledge of this primitive breed. The New Guinea Singing Dog is active and requires an inordinate amount of mental stimulation. They can be very destructive if they don’t find mental stimulation or if they get bored. They excel at escape, so yards must be extremely well enclosed both in height and depth.

New Guinea Singing Dog Health and Diseases:
Due to the rarity of this breed there are no known health issues.