Dog Breeds - Norwegian Lundehund

Breed :     Not Akc Recognized
Weight:     Male: 15.5; Female: 13.5 lbs
Height:     Male: 13-15; Female: 12-14 inches
Color(s):     White, reddish brown, gray, black, yellow, sable and white.

Norwegian Lundehund Breed Information:
The Norwegian Lundehund is among the world's rarest surviving dog breeds.  It belongs to the Spitz family. It was first bred in Vaerog and Rost areas in northern Norway. For a long duration of time it was used for hunting puffins from nests on steep cliffs. The Norwegian Lundehund is a rectangular Spitz dog, small, comparatively light with audible secondary sex characters.

The Norwegian Lundehund possesses some different aspect which other breeds do not. It has six toes on each foot including two dewclaws. It has joints in the nape of the neck, which other dogs do not have. It has extremely flexible shoulder joints. The medium sized erect ears have more flexibility then the average dog. The eyes are brown and fairly deep-set. The head is small and wedge shaped.

This breed of dogs has a short, wrinkly, stand-off coat. It's dense topcoat recline flat with the body. The coat can be reddish-brown to idle with more or less black hair tips, or black, or grey, all with white markings, or white with dark markings. The full-grown dog usually has got more distinct black in the outer coat than the young dog.

Norwegian Lundehunds are amiable and love people. They are not aggressive and will curl-up with people or other dogs for hours. They love to play for long hours. They are very curious in nature. They are very intelligent and can be trained for alertness. Because of the Norwegian Lundehunds very unique characteristics, it makes an exceptional hunter. Consistent crate training is mandatory. Doggy door should be used with this dog breed.

The Norwegian Lundehund is somewhat primeval and can be extremely difficult to housebreak. Some owners say they never do get their Norwegian Lundehunds housebroken. The Norwegian Lundehund need daily exercise, a long walk is necessary every day to keep them healthy and comfortable. They enjoy playing. Comb and brush regularly with a firm, bristle brush, paying attention to the undercoat. Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. This breed is a heavy shedder, give bath when mandatory.

Norwegian Lundehund Health and Diseases:
Otherwise a healthy breed The Norwegian Lundehund is prone to suffer from an extremely serious health issue known as Lundehund Syndrome. This series of digestive problems has the potential to result in costly bills for the owners of this breed, this dog diseases is specific to this breed and can cause a lot of problems for Lundehund owners. The average lifespan of this dog breed is about 12 years.