Dog Breeds - Plott Hound

Breed :     Hound
Weight:     Male: 50-60; Female: 40-55 lbs
Height:     Male: 20-25; Female: 20-23 inches
Color(s):     Any shade of brindle; liver, orange, tan, red, gray, black, blue

Plott Hound Breed Information:
Because they are a hunting breed so it is really important to socialize them in their early age and train them to be obedient. This Breed of dogs are good learners, training must be given with a polite methods, they will not react to harsh and threatening methods of training.

This breed is not good for a small house or a lazy owner, they need special attention towards them, they do good in open spaces and are always happy to be outside. Consistent Exercise is mandatory for them.

Bathing and brushing should be given occasionally as they are hunting dogs so this is important to check their ears and paw pads. 

Plott Hound Health and Diseases:
Generally a hardy dog with not many dog diseases, this breed is prone to bloat and gastric torsion.