Dog Breeds - Puli

Breed :    Herding
Weight:    25-35 lbs
Height:    Male: 17; Female: 16 inches
Color(s):    solid black, rusty black, gray, and white

Puli Breed Information:
The puli which is also known as pulik. Came into Hungary by crossing the plains with the Magyards thousands years ago their core work was to protect sheep in the field. tThis breed is commonly used by farmers for protection of their sheep and other small animals, they are known for their protective instincts and known as a good watch dog.

This breed of dogs is very intelligent and brave, they are good learners and are easy to train. The puli dog breed is a happy and cheerful dog, they are devote and brave, energetic and can easily get along within the home environment, they do well with other pets and small animals, they are good with children and older people. They are a very good choice for household dogs.

This dog breed has a double coat, the inner coat is short and weather resistance while the outer coat is curly, wavy and soft. The puli dog breed is very intelligent and it is easy to train them. They need regular training, training should be given to them with patience, love and fairness they will not respond to harsh and hard methods of training, they need early socialization like most other dog breeds.

It is mandatory to take them to regular exercise as they love to play and enjoy the family session, they love to go jogging every day with their owners. As they have unique coat so grooming for this breed needs techniques, they need professional grooming. Bathing should be done when needed and after bathing it is necessary to dry their coat, brushing is not needed as puli has naturally formed cords.  

Puli Health and Diseases:
This breed is prone to such health issues as eye problems, inflammatory bowel disease, hip dysplasia, and bloat.

Hungarian Puli Characteristics and Appearance:
Typical steppeland herding dog from the plains of Hungary.
  • General appearance: medium-sized dog with pendent ears, fairly long tail and long coat which tends to cord and felt.
  • Head: fine, round head with slightly domed skull, well defined stop and straight muzzle, bluntly rounded at the nose. Nose large and black, eyes dark brown, medium-sized. Ears set fairly high, v-shaped and pendent, covered with long hair.
  • Neck: medium length, arched tight and muscular.
  • Body: withers slightly higher than level of back which is of medium length. Loin short, broad and tucked up. Chest deep and fairly broad, rump slightly sloping.
  • Legs and feet: forelegs straight like pillars, muscular, vertical. Hind legs strong and well muscled, long haired.
  • Tail: moderately long, curled over the back, covered with long hair.
  • Coat: long, thick, wavy and corded.
  • Color: black, rusty black, various of shades of grey.
  • Height and Weight: dogs 40 – 47cm, bitches 47 – 44 cm; dogs 13 - 15 kg, bitches 10 - 13 kg.
  • Origin of breed: descended from original breed.
  • Characteristics and uses: striking in appearance, watchful, exceptionally mobile, devoted to its master but extremely suspicious of strangers. Makes a very good watchdog and sheepdog. Recently has also become popular as a house dog. Coat requires considerable attention. Enjoys barking.