Dog Breeds - Rottweiler

Breed : Working
Weight:    Male: 85-135; Female: 80-100 lbs
Height:    Male: 24-27; Female: 22-25 inches
Color(s):    black with tan markings

Rottweiler Breed Information:
This breed of dog has an unknown origin but probably they are descendants from the Italian mastiff, this dog was commonly used as a herding dog. This breed of dogs became rare in the 18th century but came back in style in the 20th century because of dog breeders in Stuttgart.

This dog breed is known to be used for the a variety of things like as a watchdog,  police work, herding and other jobs. The Rottweiler are a very fun loving dog breed, but they can be serious at times. This breed requires early socialization and obedience training. This breed is very protective of their family and can be dangerous for the strangers, they are very intelligent and eager breed. Rottweilers do well in family environments.

This breed of dogs need early age socialization, the temperament of this breed can vary, some of them are  aggressive in nature while some are not, they do well with children and older people if they get along with them, they are good with other dogs and small animals. Rottweilers are very protective for both their family and territory.

Generally this breed has two coats inner and outer, the inner coat is present under the neck and thighs and outer coat is short straight and dense. This breed of dogs are good learner and need a good trainer, the obedience training is a must as this breed can become aggressive. Training should be given with fairness and patience, they will not respond to harsh and hard methods of training, they need a dominant owner.

The Rottweiler should have a large sized yard, they are not good while they are indoor so they need lots of exercise outdoors. This breed of dogs love to go for long walks and enjoy play sessions with family. They require at least two hours of exercise a day to remain fit. The breed is easy to groom they require brushing with bristle brush regularly to avoid dead hair and dirt. Bathing should be done when required, bathing too often removes the natural beauty of the coat so should be avoided.

Rottweiler Health and Diseases:
Although a healthy dog breed the rottweiler is susceptible to ACL damage. Prone to hip dysplasia. Also prone to entropion. Rottweilers tends to snore. Can overeat easily so diet should be controlled otherwise excessive weight gain can occur causing other health problems.