Dog Breeds - Scottish Deerhound

Breed :    Hound
Weight:    Male: 85-110; Female: 75-95 lbs
Height:    Male: 30-32; Female: 28 inches
Color(s):    All shades of gray and gray brindle, with dark blue-gray preferred;

Scottish Deerhound Breed Information:
The Scottish Deerhound is a very friendly and loveable dog breed. This breed is very gentle but is not easy to train, they are not recommended for home. This breed is quit loving and devoted they are very attached with their masters and family. Scottish Deerhound can get on with every one they meet. This dog breed is good with children and older people and does well with small pets they are raised with.

This breed of dog is a large breed which does well with other pets and children, they are one of the best choices to make for house hold breed, they require early age socialization like most other breeds.

The Scottish Deerhound has a single coat which is harsh and wiry. Ragged coated, crisp and thick, hair should lie closely to the body of said dog giving him a shaggy and unkempt appearance. This breed of dogs are slow learners, they require a patient master who can train them with fairness and make them happy. Scottish Deerhound do not respond to hard and harsh methods of training, early socialization and obedience training are mandatory.

This breed of dogs love to go for a jog, they require lots of exercise, they do well in home but need sufficient exercise regularly. They enjoy play sessions with family . This breed of dog does not require many grooming efforts, they are easy to groom. The coat should be brushed occasionally & bathing should be done when it is required.

Scottish Deerhound Health and Diseases:
Because they are healthy and tough breed there are no known health issues and dog diseases associated with this dog breed. The average lifespan of this breed of dogs is less than 10 tears.