Dog Disease - Dog Depression

Most breeds of dogs are very active and lively pets; they are good company for us humans. Dogs not only provide us with service as guard dogs they also serve us in the capacity of work dogs for example Seeing Eye dogs. Although full of life dogs like humans can get depressed, sometimes this depression can be very severe and it can affect their behavior around humans and how they perform their tasks and duties. Dog depression is a dog disease; Dog depression is similar to humans in more ways than one. Depression in Dogs can at times be overwhelming. There are several reasons for a dog being depressed the biggest one being a change in the dog’s environment or chemical imbalances in the dog. The disease of dog depression can sometimes be difficult for a pet owner or a vet to establish, diagnose and treat since a dog can not effectively communicate like humans can.

Causes of Dog Depression disease
There can be several causes of dog depression, getting to the root of the problem is most important in finding a solution for the well being of our dog.
  • Grief is a great factor in causing the disease of dog depression, grief of any kind can make your dog depressed, some examples of grief for a dog are the loss of a playmate dog, or the loss of a loving owner.
  • Another major factor that is at the root of dog depression is a change in its environment, dogs get used to their environment and sudden changes can make them severely depressed, examples of this are changing of a house or a dog being put in a kennel.
  • The third major cause of depression in dogs today is a chemical imbalance in the dog’s brain.
  • Severe changes in weather can also cause depression in a dog.
If you dog exhibits signs of depression these factors should be looked into and remedies should be found comfort the pet, give it a healthy environment and give your dog a chance at a healthy, lively life.

Treating Dog depression disease
Once it is established that your dog is suffering from depression it is essential to address the issues causing this depression and provide treatment for your dog at the earliest because dog depression is very bad for the long term well being of your pet. A depressed dog will usually not eat properly and will keep on suffering; long term depression will cause an adverse affect on your dog’s health. A vet can prescribe medication for a severely depressed dog, these medications are very effective treatment for dog depression. Provide your dog with a physically active lifestyle, this will help release certain chemicals in your dog’s brain and make your dog feel better, these chemicals will also reduce the depression that your dog is suffering. Most important make your dog feel at home, give it affection, love and care. Your dog should feel wanted and the depression will slowly go away. Giving your dog a healthy, comfortable, homely environment will go a long way towards your dog’s long term mental and physical well being and keeping it safe from any dog diseases.

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