Dog Disease - Dog Fleas

Pets give us company and are very loyal companions and there fore we should be loving pet owners and should always take care of our pets. We have a responsibility to our dogs and their well being. As dog owners we need to try our best to keep our dogs safe from any dog disease that can be avoided. We should provide our dogs with the best medical treatment, the best living environment and the best diet and nutrition. Dogs are animals that need care and grooming them regularly is very important, the fur of the dog is very sensitive, it should be shampooed, brushed and should be kept clean. A dirty dog attracts fleas which a detrimental to the health and well being of any dog. Fleas are very small insects that stick to the fur of the dog and bite then dogs on their skin. Flea bites leave red spots on your dog’s skin indicating they have been bitten. The issue with fleas is that they are present year round and are not seasonal like mosquitoes; they are strong and are persistent in all weather conditions.

Flea bites are not a major problem for the dogs themselves but fleas also carry epidemics that can be transmitted to the dog from the bites. These can cause several dog diseases and that is why fleas are not good for the health of your dog. As a dog owner one should never neglect the presence or possibility of fleas in your dog, this presence exposes your dog to a lot of dog diseases that can harm the long term well being of your pet. Even if your dog is not infected with a dangerous dog disease the flea bites themselves can cause severe skin irritation in a dog.

What are Dog fleas
Fleas are dangerous parasites that stick to the skin and fur of a dog and bite away and sometimes suck the blood out of the dog. Their bites can cause severe pain to the dog and skin rashes as well as irritation of the skin is common due to fleas. Fleas are transmitted from dogs that already have fleas to other dogs. Fleas can not fly but they jump from one dog to the other so close proximity to infected dogs can cause your dog to get fleas. The best thing to do is keep your lovely pet away from stray dogs and other small animals groom your dog regularly and regularly check it for the presence of fleas.

Preventive measure to keep Dog fleas away
There are several ways you can use to keep you dog free of fleas, keeping fleas from attacking your dogs is the best way to deal with the problem. You can prevent fleas by
  • Bathing and grooming your dog regularly
  • Take the dog to the vet regularly and get it checked for fleas
  • Apply topical anti dog flea treatment
  • Try and keep your home flea free
If you are careful of cleanliness and hygiene your dog should be free of fleas, but if despite of all the precautions you still notice fleas on your dog you should  quickly remedy the situation and get treatment for your dog fleas.

Treatment for Dog fleas
There are several treatment options available to dog owners to treat the presence of fleas in their dogs.
  • There are topical ointments that are available to rid your dog of fleas
  • There are special shampoos you can use to rid the dog of fleas
  • If this does not work you can use a combination of medicines and powder or ointment to check the problem.
Your dog’s vet will be able to assist you as to the best way to solve the problem, remember a clean dog is a healthy disease free dog and a healthy dog is a great companion.

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