Dog Disease - Dog Obesity

Dog Obesity

 Dogs are animals that we love, this love for our pets sometimes makes us spoil their habits, and since we love our dogs we should be careful to the extent to which we spoil our dogs. One thing that some dog owners do is make their pets lazy and feed them excessively; this is not a good thing for the animal and should be avoided at all costs. Obesity is a major problem in dogs and it can be as dangerous a disease in dogs as it is in humans. Without proper exercise and diet control our dogs can become obese and this can cause lifelong health problems for the dog which otherwise could have been avoided.

What is Dog Obesity?
A dog that has a high fat content in its body is considered to be obese; this extra fat is very bad for an otherwise healthy dog, obesity can be considered a dangerous dog disease and is quite common in many dogs these days. As a dog disease obesity itself is not that dangerous but obesity leads to many other problems in a dog’s health. Dogs with high body fat are more likely to have blood pressure problems and heart related disease, severely obese dogs can have heart failure, the most common and dangerous disease that affects an obese dog is diabetes, so obesity should be avoided at all costs to give your dog a healthy life and keep other dangerous dog disease away from your loving pet.

Causes of Dog Obesity:
There are many factors that can cause a dog to be obese. The biggest factor for dog obesity is a non physical lifestyle where the pet gets minimal exercise. In a lifestyle where physical activity is missing fat starts to accumulate around the dog’s organs. Another major reason for obesity in dogs is a slow metabolism rate, if that is the reason your dog is becoming obese it should be examined and the metabolism problem should be treated. Another factor for dog obesity is commercial food products rich in carbohydrates, these foods should be avoided and a healthy diet should be given to your dog to avoid dog obesity on account of diet. Some breeds are more likely to be obese because of their genetic traits and larger appetites these breeds include spaniels and Labradors, especial care should be taken to provide them with a physically active lifestyle and a proper diet to offset the genetic disadvantages of these breeds. 

Treatment of Dog Obesity as a Disease:
Dog obesity is a relatively easy disease to treat; in a normal healthy dog treating obesity can be a very simple exercise. Responsible pet owners should be careful of their pets habits and provide ample opportunity to their pets to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet with low calorie count should be given to an obese dog to bring down its weight. A combination of physical activity and a proper diet are the two biggest things that will keep your dog from becoming obese or shedding weight if it is obese. Exercise and diet will keep your dog safe from this dog disease. It is essential that these things are done to avoid further health complications in your dog and give it a long healthy life.

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