Dogs and Their Tricks

The Dog is an animal, which is loved by almost everyone, they are protective and territorial towards their masters. Dogs are generally fun-loving animals, but the most significant aspect of their character, is their undying loyalty to their master.

Even though, they are so much fun to be with, the rate of Euthanasia is increasing in dogs. We should ask ourselves, why should so many dogs go out of control?  We have to understand, how a dogs' temperament, is the direct result of their owners' inability to understand them and give them what they need, after all they are canines not humans, there are no bad dogs, just a bad owners, who fail to raise their pets in the correct way.

So we should know, what changes are required in order, to save our dogs from this brutal end? This can only be done by the owner, who should see what the dog lacks and start providing it, the best way to do that, is to read up on dog psychology and learn how a canine  should be treated, how to communicate with them, how to understand their feelings and what instincts they possess.

The most important factor which a dog lacks, in the human to dog relationship is understanding, exercise and discipline. Dogs behavioral issues sometimes are traced back to something that, the owner is not providing them with, which is  the basic need of a dog. We humans treat our dogs as our babies and love them, but the fact is they are not humans and belong to canine family, they think differently and have different needs, as compared to human needs. It is best advised to train your dog in the first year of his/her life in order to achieve best results. Remember it is very important that the dog is trained with confidence, making direct eye contact with the canine showing supernumerary over the animal and by one person only, so that the animal doesn't get confused and show disobedience. One more things dogs never forget their masters and their families no matter how long the separation maybe, they remember the body odor of their master. Because thats what a dog does, the very first time it sees any human, it goes up to the human and smells and remember that smell for life. A canine will never attack u till, its doesn't smell fear and see fear in your eyes, that shows to it, that you are a stranger or even a threat.