How to Approach a dog ?

Generally most people will agree, that we shouldn't approach an unfamiliar dog that is chained, behind a fence, in a pen or kennel or in a car, because it could result in an attack, if a dog becomes aggressive startled or defensive. To approach a strange dog, remember one thing you should not approach the dog, head on just turn your body outwards and never make an, eye contact, because in the dogs' world, staring or looking in to their eyes is a challenge and they can misinterpret this behavior of yours, as a challenge, which can cause harm to you. What you need to do, is stay calm, be relaxed, speak less and make your body language such a way, in order to communicate with the dog, this is a dog, whom you do not know, but what about those dogs, who you know, you take, permission from the owner to come and see? Here is how it usually goes. Stranger approaches. "Is your dog friendly?" Owner responds, "Yes, the dog is friendly". Stranger rushes over with their hand pushed into the dog's face, speaking in a excited, high pitched, whiny tone. Some people go as far as to start playing with the dog, while the dog is on the leash.

This is the wrong way to approach a dog, it makes them agitated and insecure and sometimes it leads them to bite the stranger. You must always look at this, from the dogs point of view, think about them and think what if any stranger approached you in this same manner, rushed up to you with their hand in your face talking high pitched baby talk. How about if a stranger ran up to you and gave you a "hello" bear hug?

This is just not the way to approach a dog and it will cause  problems for those, who are trying to train their dogs, to have a good dog manners towards humans, by not jumping or rushing at humans. What you need to do is just say  HELLO, it  will make both the dog and the owner happy and always ask the permission of the owner.