Should we allow a Dog to Jump?

Dogs should not be allowed to do anything for themselves, if so its better to teach them how to behave, specially when it come to a behavioral deeds, dogs are not allow to jump unless you give them a command to jump, they should never be allowed to jump on humans, those dogs who jump on humans by their own will, shows that they have no respect for that person. Even jumping on small and sweet puppies is not allowed, because it will generate the behavioral issues, which will cost the owner later on.

When a dog jumps on a human being on its own, it doesn’t mean that they are greeting, the person, in fact it shows, they are asserting their dominance, over them, in such a case, it is the dog, who is communicating, that they are the leaders in their pack. A subordinate would never dream of running over and jumping on the alpha dog of the pack. Space is respect and lower members of the pack respect the higher members. If your dog jumps on humans, they do not respect them.

Puppies should be told, from day one that ‘NO JUMPING’, dont allow them, because they are little and sweet if they get such habits, it will be really tough to get them out of it. Think about the behaviors, that you allow your puppy to do, is it something that you will always allow your puppy to do, even when they are grown up, is the answer ‘NO’ ,then do not allow them to do it, restrict them from day one.

But what if your dog gets into a habit of jumping on every one, how are you going to treat him? You should make him understand about jumping, for example to a dog, space and balance is very important, you should stay backward or lean out of the jumping dog's way. They will continue to jump, for a dog, they think they are overtaking your space, which only pack leaders are allow to do.

So what really will you do, when a dog jumps, step into the dog picture, a sphere around you and you are never going to allow anything or anyone or to come into your space. When the dog jumps, step into it sideways with your body,shoulder towards the dog. Don't face the dog head on (you may not have time to turn, so don’t worry about it). You are not trying to knock the dog down, although this may happen. Don’t be alarmed if you knock the dog over. Although, you don’t want to abuse the dog by knocking them around, this may actually go a long way towards breaking them of the jumping habit, as it will create a negative experience. This is how you can stop your dog from jumping on every thing.