Caring for your puppy in their first weeks

After selecting a puppy of your choice, when you take him home without his family and a guide on how to raise him, the puppy is sure to cry and whine throughout the first night. However, one can not blame him for this as it is obvious that the puppy would miss his mum and brothers and sisters.

The best way to calm down a crying puppy is to keep him in a soft, dry and safe place where he can sleep along with a cloth or toy that has the scent of his family on it.Do not run to your puppies side when he cries as if you do so he will continue with this habit. Instead place a sheet over the box as this will make the pup go to sleep at that time.

Puppies are naughty and tend to get into everything so ensure that all dangerous items such as marbles, wires, rocks or harmful plants do not come into his way.

A puppy ought to be stopped when he does something wrong and given rewards for good behaviors. However, the reproach must be sharp and short.You must show your puppy the right way of doing things. For example, if he is chewing on a magazine, take it away and give him a toy to chew on.Do not hit the puppy as he may become timid,assaultive or withdrawn.

The puppy must be feeded with dry food which is specially made for puppies. Do not give them high proteins or extra vitamin as they may prove to be hazardous for their growth. The puppy must be fed twice or thrice a day and they normally eat in fifteen minutes so after fifteen minutes remove the dish. After they have become ten to twelve weeks old, feed them twice a day, in the morning and at night.

All the above should help your puppy survive through the earlier weeks of his life without his family and the bond formed between you may prove to be life-long.