Dog Disease - Fleas and Other Parasites in Dogs

Fleas and other external and internal parasites are a major health risk for dogs, not only do they directly affect your pet but they can also cause related heath problems and dog diseases. Extra care should be given to your pet to keep it safe from internal and external parasites. Parasite problem is quite common in dogs and causes a lot of heart ache for pet owners. Bites caused by fleas, lice and ticks can cause your dog to have allergic reactions on the skin and cause your dog to get lesions and hair loss when the dog starts to scratch.

The presence of fleas in dogs is known to cause a severe skin condition known as skin dermatitis. This condition is caused due to the allergic reactions your dog gets from flea bites. A pet infected with parasites whether internal or external can go through severe discomfort due to the allergic reactions and affects of the parasite. Due to the common presence of external parasites medicated collars are now available in most pet stores to treat and prevent the presence of external parasites in your dog. These collars are quite affective and help your pet remain healthy.

Other parasites that affect your pets’ health and can cause you severe distress are ticks and lice, internal parasites like hook worm, round worm, whip worm and heart worm are also very dangerous can cause different dog diseases. For example if your dog is affected by hook worms the dog will be suffering from severe anemia. The signs and symptoms of anemia become more prominent over time depending on the scope of the hookworm infestation.

Hookworm larvae can pass directly through the dog's skin and can cause severe medical problems in the affected dog. Dogs suffering from hook worms can reveal lesions due to the skin dermatitis in the skin near the feet region of your dog. Skin rashes are a common symptom in these cases. Another symptom of the dog suffering from hook worm is loose stool which shows a presence of blood.

Round worms are also known to cause dog disease in your pet and the presence of round worm like all other parasites affecting your dog can be detrimental to the pet's health. If there is a large presence of round worm in your puppy or dog the pet will reveal a potbelly condition as a symptom of the presence of round worms. This condition is easily visible and dog owners should know what the potbelly is for and get their pets examined by a professional veterinarian. A common treatment for the presence of round worm in dogs is the oral administration of piperazine salts. Broad spectrum anthelimintics like pyrantel pamoate and fenbendazole are also known to be used to treat the condition.

Due to the common nature of the problem and its wide geographic reach many drugs are now available in the market to prevent and treat dog diseases caused by internal and external parasites. Ivermecitin is one of the most common drugs used to treat fleas and other internal and external parasites in dogs. This drug is available both in oral and injection form, Ivermecitin is also available in powder, soap and shampoo form for external application to get rid of parasites and protect the dog against them. This will keep your dog safe from numerous dog diseases.