Dog Disease - Heart Worm prevention

Heart worm disease is one of the numerous diseases affecting dogs, it is a dangerous disease if left untreated and care and prevention can help your dog stay safe from this disease. Here we are listing some of the ways and methods that can be used to prevent your dog from getting heart worm disease.

1.You can readily find beef flavored chunks in addition to the beef flavored tablets or solutions available in the market to prevent your dog from getting heart worm. These can be administered to your dog orally and they help in preventing the presence of heart worm disease.

2.The biggest reason for heart worm to spread is mosquito bites. Make sure that the shelter or area you provide your dog is clean and free of mosquitoes.

3.In some areas mosquitoes are only seasonal problems and cold weather keeps them away while in other areas mosquitoes are a year round problem. Know mosquito patterns in your region and use preventive measures to keep your dog safe from bites and heart worm disease.

4. Preventive medicines are available to be given orally to your dog, these medicines will protect your dog against heart worms as well as hookworms etc. These medicines should be taken as advised by a vet and caution should be taken to monitor that the medicine does not adversely affect your dog's health. In such a case consult your dogs vet immediately and they will address the situation.

5.If you miss a dose or treatment for heart worm disease, your dog should be examined by veterinarian and tested for the presence of heart worm.

6. Some common drugs use widely around the world to prevent heart worm disease are, heart-guard, sentinel, interceptor, revolution etc. Consult your veterinarian to see what might be best for your dog.

7.Water stagnation, and bushes encourage the growth of mosquitoes in an area, make sure the area where your dog is being housed is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

It is important that you keep you pet safe from any disease and monitor its health regularly. A healthy dog is a happy companion. Have your dog checked regularly at the veterinarians to prevent dog diseases that might affect dogs. Regular checkups and test will ensure that your dog is free of heart worm disease.

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