Regular checkups of your Dog

Every dog owner wants the best for their dog, although some might ask why are regular check-ups for their dog important? Everyone wants to know the answer to this and similar questions. The main reason for regular check-ups for your dog by a qualified veterinary is to keep an eye on your dog's health and know in time if your dog is suffering for any diseases that you might not be aware of. Hence you need to pay special attention to your dog's regular checkups and tests, although these check-ups by a professional and testing might cost some money they may also be the first defense against diseases and save your dog's life.

A dog owner in general might not be able to diagnose clinical conditions and health problems in their dog because of lack of experience in dealing with diseases and dog rearing. This is the reason check-ups are given such importance, because a professional veterinarian is always be in better position to examine and diagnose any problems that your pet might be having. An example of this can be a potbellied dog, to a dog owner this might not seem like a sign of concern but in a through examination a problem might be diagnosed and early treatment can be given to treat the medical condition affecting the dog, in the case of a potbellied dog the problem could be diarrhea resulting in dehydration.

If you notice behavioral changes or any signs of illness then do not wait for your scheduled check-up instead contact your veterinarian and immediately get your pet checked out. Regular checkups also help in maintaining a health record of your dog and timely vaccinations for distemper, arvovirus, corona virus, rabies, hepatitis and several other diseases.Booster vaccinations are done by health care providers for the pet on these regular checkups which helps improve the immune system of your pet against some very dangerous diseases.

During checkups at the vet clinic your dog will go through several blood and stool tests to rule out any health problems, the stool tests will also be conducted to see that your dog is safe from worms and internal parasites, and if the presence of such is found de-worming and treating is generally carried out at the earliest to rid your pet of these parasites that affect its health.

Abnormalities, signs of pain are also checked during a checkup by the vet and treatment is given in case of problems, digestive upsets and anemia can also be diagnosed and treated during these checkups. A physical exam by a professional also help in detecting and ridding your loved pet of any external parasites like lice and ticks that might be affecting your dog. Another major aspect of a regular checkup is to ensure that the dental health of your dog is in perfect condition.

So you see a regular checkup by a professional can help diagnose problems and diseases with your dog and find a remedy at the earliest, therefore even though you might spend  little money every time your dog does for a checkup all that money is worth it because your pet is taken care of and because of the checkup is comfortable and happy.