Dog Breeds - Basset Hound

Breed :       Hounds
Weight:      40-60 lbs
Height:       14 inches
Color(s):     any recognized hound color

The Basset Hound is a breeds of hounds with short legs, This breed falls in the scent hound category and was originally bred to hunt rabbits by using the sense of smell. The sense of smell of this breeds is one of the best and almost comparable to that of the bloodhound breed.  The basset hound is a very well behaved breed of dog, its behavior makes it the perfect household pet. It is a loving and gentle breed of dogs and is very sweet in nature. The basset hound breed is known to howl and bark and because of this it makes a good alarm dog. Although a good alarm dog this breed is not good as a guard dog because of its gentle nature.

Basset Hound Health and Diseases:
This breed has large ears and because of that it is known to be prone to ear infections and many ear diseases. If the ear is allowed to be dangled on the ground or in food and is not kept clean the basset hound can develop potentially fatal diseases and infections of the ear.

Other than ear disease this breed is also known to have eye diseases because of the structure of the eye of the basset hound. To keep it free of eye disease dog owners should clean the eyes of their basset hound regularly.

The basset hound is known to be a lazy breed and if not exercised regularly and kept of a proper diet this breed is known to become over weight which can be the cause of many other dog diseases affecting the pet due to its excessive weight.