Dog Breeds - Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur breed emerged in the Southern United States of America. It is multitalented breed which is primary used as guard dogs because of their ability to hunt mountain lions. Moreover, they can also hunt squirrel, raccoon, bear, boar etc. Apart from this they are loving family dogs willing to do anything in order to protect the owner.

Breed Group:   Not Akc Recognized
Weight:             Male: 55-95; Female: 40-80 lbs
Height: Male: 22-28; Female: 18-26 inches
Color(s):           Fawn, yellow, brown, red; may be brindled or solid; black muzzle
Black Mouth Cur Health and Diseases
Their average life span is 12-16 years. Although this breed has no known health issues, but may suffer from entropion. Moreover, they can suffer from torn ligaments and pulled muscles because of their lively character.