Dog Breeds - Bluetick Coonhound

Selective breeding of Foxhounds, Curs, French Hounds and English Coonhounds in Louisiana resulted in Bluetick Coonhound. This breed excels in tracking and hunting of raccoon, opossum, bear and cougar. They are able to hunt in any weather and area. They are known for their cold nose which gives them the powers of tracing very old scents.

Breed :              Miscellaneous
Weight:             45-80 lbs
Height:              20-27 inches
Color(s):           Tri-colored, heavily black speckled on white which gives the coat a bluish tint

Bluetick Coonhound health and disease
Their life expectancy is about 11-12 years. They are healthy dogs but are at a risk of hip dysplasia, cataracts and Krabbes disease.