Dog Breeds - Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog which emerged in the United States of America, it was developed in the Boston area, being the first non-sporting dog to be bred in America. Originally weighing 44 pounds, it was bred down from the Bull and terrier pit-fighting breeds. The Boston terrier is a very smart and affectionate dog although it can be stubborn at times. 

Breed :              Non-Sporting
Weight:             10-25 lbs
Height:              15-17 inches
Color(s):           brindle, seal, or black with white markings on muzzle, between eyes, and forechest, and possibly white collar and lower legs

Boston Terrier Health and Diseases              
The average life span of Boston Terriers is 13 years. They are at a risk of numerous health diseases which include:
·                                    Breathing problems
·                                    Heart tumors
·                                    Skin tumors
·                                    Cataracts; juvenile and adult type
·                                    Cherry eye
·                                    Luxating Patellas
·                                    Deafness
·                                    Allergies
·                                    Roaching (curvature of the back)
·                                    Digestive problems because they have sensitive digestive system
·                                    Problems during birth (puppies often delivered by caesarean section) due to narrow pelvis.