Dog Breeds - Boxerdoodle


The Boxerdoodle is not a purebred, but in fact a cross of two breeds: Boxer and Poodle. They are fun loving dogs and get along with people and pets easily. They are powerful and well-built dogs being used as watchdogs presently. They are also popular as companions, and may be used for hunting purposes.

Breed :              Not Akc Recognized
Weight:             12-70 lbs
Height:              10-25 inches
Color(s):           White, black, fawn, red; may be solid or of varying shades and markings.
Boxerdoodle Health and Diseases
Their lifespan is not on established record, however it’s confirmed that they will last longer than the purebreds. They are at the risk of minor health diseases which include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, skin problems, and PRA.