Exercising Your Puppy

Puppies can be very lively and exercise is necessary to keep them healthy. Normally a thirty to sixty minutes walk full of energy can be very vitalizing for the puppy. If you can not take out time from your busy schedule for this, then you must ensure that your yard is big enough for the puppy to run and play in.A dog may be taken to walk on a high school's track. Apart from this a good idea to have leisure time and exercise with your dog is to train it to walk on the treadmill with you.

Assess the requirements of your dog and prepare an exercise plan that will work for the two of you. A young puppy may desire to run whereas on the other hand an older puppy would prefer a snail-like walk. In the beginning 15 minutes exercise is suffiecient. But as the dog gets bigger and accustomed to it, you must increase it up to an hour.

In case of walking in the dark, make sure to use reflective clothes so that the cars can easily see you. Wearing light coloured clothes is a good option as well. The most suitable time for your puppy's exercise is right before or after their meals. If the dog gets tired,provide small amounts of water beause exercising on a full stomach can lead to problems. 

Check the paws of your puppy upon arriving back in order to leave anything that is stuck in it. Items such as ice, rocks, burrs and glass can be removed instantly.

Teaching your dog to play "Fetch" can also be a good exercise. This can be started by rolling a toy at a little distance away from you and asking the puppy to get it. Increase the distance of your throw with age. Remember to praise the puppy if he goes and fetches the toy for you.