Dog Disease - Why are regular dog check-ups important?

This is a question every dog owner asks. This is because when you avoid regular check-ups, dogs may end up having major diseases which you can not even think of. And then you would need to pay lot of money for consultancy as well as treatment of the disease.

Not everyone can find out the clinical conditions in dogs due to less experience with dog disease or dog rearing. Hence regular check-ups are essential. For instance, if a dog has potbelly, the condition may not seem abnormal to you. However, in case of regular check-ups, the veterinarian can immediately find it out and give appropriate therapy. Otherwise, the animal may suffer from diarrhea and dehydration.
However, if you feel that your dog is showing illness symptoms, then you must immediately refer the dog to veterinarian and not wait for the regular check-up. Regular check-ups will also help to give vaccinations against a number of diseases like canine distemper, parvovirus, corona virus, rabies virus, hepatitis virus, and more. Booster vaccinations may also be carried out without any delay in the injections which helps to improve the immunity level of the dog against the above mentioned diseases. Regular check-ups is essential along with proper stool examinations. Deworming may be carried out with drugs like fenbendazole, albendazole, etc.

Abnormalities such as the signs of pain can be ruled out during regular examinations. These also help to rule out the external parasitic conditions like lice of tick infections. Reputable veterinary hospitals also discover dental problems during the regular check-ups.