Labrador - The Ideal Choice

The amiable Labrador Retriever’s reputation as a family dog is fully, justified, but owners of this affectionate and energetic breed must be prepared to cope with their Labrador’s lively, sometimes over-exuberant nature, as well as accommodate in great need for outdoor activity and vigorous exercise.

Integral part of the family:
A dog can provide great affection, but you must be prepared to care for your pet for at least the next 13 years. Like a child, it depends on you for its health and well-being. Consider not only the cost of food and veterinary attention, but also the time you must commit as an owner.

A Happy and Boisterous Breed:
A bounding “hello” it is possible to be literally bowled over by a typical welcome from an enthusiastic Labrador. This warm, friendly nature is part of the breed’s appeal, but your dog’s eager spirit and very tactile zest for life can actually be a dangerous nuisance if uncontrolled.
Tail-Wagging Mayhem in their exuberance, Labradors tend to be a little clumsy, this may at first be endearing, but can quickly become exasperating. The Labrador’s thick, muscular tail is at a perfect height to sweep low table surfaces clean. Contemplate a vivacious Labrador only if you are prepared for occasional accident!

Bounding With Energy:
Although a popular pet, Labradors were originally bred to work outdoors, and thrive on physical and mental activity. Consider acquiring this energetic and responsive breed only if you can provide it with the space, exercise and attention it needs.

Prepare For Hair!
Although its coat is relatively short, the Labrador’s hair is quite harsh, and when shed has a tendency to stick into materials. This can make it quite difficult to remove from clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Therefore, a Labrador is perhaps not the perfect type of dog for the exceptionally house-proud. Dogs have live outdoors in kennels moult twice yearly, but those kept in centrally heated environments often shed hair all year round. If you still want a Labrador, it is worth considering the color of your home furnishings and even your favorite clothes before finally deciding whether a yellow, chocolate, or black dog is best for you.

An Affable, Obedient Companion:
With its willing, sociable character and even disposition, the Labrador has all the makings of an ideal dog. Yet these qualities must be nurtured, and it is only through dedicated training that even the most sweet-natured dog becomes a truly rewarding companion. From the moment you become an owner. You will need to invest time, introducing your Labrador to new situations and always teaching good conduct. A well-mannered dog is a pleasure both for you and others.