Pet - Care Services

Until recent years, dogs with owners who worked all day had little choice but to stay home and bide their time. Now, there are other options: pet sitters and doggy day – care centers. Doggy day care and pet – walking services are excellent ways of helping lonesome dogs through the day, say Lachman. “Dogs love to be with a group.” The company of people and other dogs in these environments can make all the difference in the world to the dog that is blue without you.

Services at her Service:
Pet’s sitters are professionals who will come to your house while you are away. They will walk your pet, feed her, give her fresh water and spend time petting her and talking to her.
An even newer service, which is growing rapidly in popularity, is the doggy day-care center, a place where you can drop your dog off in the morning and pick her up again at night. Here, your pet will be walked and provided with the company of humans and other dogs while you are absent. Regular play sessions are part of the deal at most centers, and you can rest assured that your dog is having a grand old time.

Making a Choice:
When choosing any of these services, be sure to check out the reputation of the individual or company with whom you will be leaving your dog, suggests Kovary. You can do this by asking for references and following up on them. With doggy day – care centers, make sure walks are included. “Walks are important for a dog,” says Kovary. She also warns that dogs may start to forget their housebreaking if they are expected to eliminate indoors at a day – care center.

Choose a day-care center that requires proof of immunization, and puts only compatible dogs together, recommends Kovary. “Check to be sure that the facility, play area and enclosures are secure so that dogs can’t escape or be stolen,” she says. After all, having fun and being safe is what staying at a doggy day-care center is all about.