The Ultimate Care of Your Dog

There is really something quite remarkable about two distinctly different species forming a bond that can only be described as love. You wouldn’t imagine that a pig could love a cow or a chicken would be enamored of a hedgehog, but somehow there is something very natural about the affection we share with dogs.

Today, more than ever, dogs are much more to us than just pets. They are family members. They share our hearts as well as our homes, and we often afford them the same status as our children (although they never whine for designer labels or ask to borrow the car). They are content with the knowledge that their ultimate care rests entirely in our hands. They implicitly trust our judgment and our commitment to them. After all, they love us. Meeting their needs is how we show them that we love them too and that they are important in our lives.

The concept of ultimate care may seem like a huge responsibility (and it is), but it is also a labor of love. When you take responsibility for dog, you naturally want to do the best job you can. It’s not that difficult and it has a lot of perks. After all, there are lots of snuggles and kisses, and your canine friend will rarely turn down an opportunity to accompany you on any outing. Once you have a dog, it’s hard to be lonely, unless you need to leave home without him.

As a veterinarian, I’ve observed an extremely positive trend in dog ownership over the years. Although veterinarians and pet – related business can accept part of the credit for this, most of the advances have been made because dog owners have demanded the best for their pets. Dog foods have improved dramatically and there is now more selection than ever before. New vaccines are constantly being formulated and many devastating canine diseases have been controlled or eliminated and there’s a lot of information available. In dogs: the ultimate care guide, you will find everything you need to know about training, grooming, first aid, basic health care and all the other topics that you will need to raise a dog in the best environment possible.

Dogs today live longer than ever before. This is partially due to better medicines and vaccines, but it’s mostly due to owners caring for their dogs with the same attentiveness they give to other family members. The result is a healthier dog and a deeper connection between the dog and his owner. Both parties seem to benefit from this. Although your veterinarian is important, it is your day – to – day care that ha the most impact on your dog’s ultimate health and happiness.

In the last decade or so, there has been much celebration of the human – animal bond as researchers learn what dog owners have known for centuries – that forging a relationship with a dog can dog us a lot of good. Dogs give us total support, companionship, acceptance and love.

Dogs aren’t judgmental or fickle. They don’t find a need a rationalize a relationship or measure if against some imaginary scale. They are content in the knowledge that, for whatever reason there may be in heaven or on earth, it is their destiny to be with us. And we, their owners, have come to realize what a blessing this really is.

As you read through this blog, keep your dog close by and feel good that you’re giving him the best care. Your dog may not congratulate you for your efforts, but he’ll repay you with many years loving companionship. Treasure them!