A Whining Dog

A whining dog, especially one who does it constantly, is bound to get on everyone’s nerves. If your dog whines loudly and persistently, it may be a sign that he is stressed overexcited. This may be because he wants something he can’t do himself: to be let out of his crate, to be fed, to be given free rein to chase a cat or to go for a walk. Whining can also mean that your dog is so excited that he doesn’t know how to calm himself down.

Steps to Stop Whining:
If you don’t correct this behavior, a strong willed dog will soon learn he can get what he wants if he whines long enough. To stop the whining, don’t coddle your dog with baby talk or pet him reassuringly. Try to ignore it. Only when he stops whining should you give him some attention. That way he learns that he gets rewarded when he doesn’t whine, not the other way round.
Giving your dog something to do will also take his mind off whining. If he starts whining, ignore it and command him to “Sit” or “Lie down.” After a few obedience drills most dogs will forget what they were whining about.

You can also correct your dog’s whining by telling him in a strong, low voice, “No whine!” Make sure your voice is not to harsh because an angry correction will just make some dogs more nervous or anxious. When he responds by being quiet, pet him and praise him. Once he understands “No Whine!” try giving him the command to whine, says Mary Kay Snyder, a professional animal trainer, formerly with birds and animals unlimited in Lake Forest, California. “Being able to respond to commands, and receiving praise for it, will help boost the confidence of an anxious dog.”