Dog Breeds - Dachshund, Mini

Breed :          Not AKC Recognized
Weight:         9-10 lbs
Height:          5-10 inches
Color(s):      Brindle, sable, dappled; bi-color of black, chocolate, blue, fawn; solid of red and cream.

Dachshund Mini Breed Information:
The Dachshund Mini claims its roots from Germany,as far back as the sixteenth century.This breed was liked and favored by the gentry and even The Great Queen Victoria due to its versatility.Like its predecessor even in today's day and age the Dachshund mini lends it services at times,in the field of hunting animals,such as the rabbit.Though it carries the name Dachshund mini,by breed its a terrier.

Dachshund Mini Health and Diseases:
This breed suffers from several health problems,progressive retinal atrophy,corneal ulcers, glaucoma,cataract of the eye,thyroid problems,dental issues, granulomatous meningoencephalitis,Cushing's syndrome,different kinds of allergies,heredity epilepsy,cherry eye and unexpected retinal degeneration.All these inherited medical problems, are being worked on to eradicate, by breeders.