Dog Breeds - Dachshund

Breed :        Hound
Weight:       11-32 lbs
Height:        5-9 inches
Color(s):     solid red, sable, or cream; black and tan, chocolate and tan, wild boar and tan, gray and tan, or fawn and tan, brindle

Dachshund Breed Information:
The Dachshund traces its ancestors to Germany centuries ago being bred to chase and hunt Badger,and other burrow dwelling animals with their shortened legs and elongated bodies which enable them to enter the burrows of their prey and force it to leave its burrow.Its also known to hunt the fox and otters.The Dachshund derives its name from the German word "Dachs" which means Bader.They also belong to the family of hounds.A miniature breed was developed to hunt the hare and stoat.

Dachshund Health and Diseases:
The Dachshund suffers from problems of the spine, intervertebral disk disease in particular owing to its rather elongated spine and short rib cage.They also suffer from reduced vision and hearing. It is known to suffer from a condition of the kneecap known as patellar luxation,where the kneecap can become dislodged. Furthermore, Dachshunds inherit several medical conditions such as: glaucoma, Cushing's syndrome, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, epilepsy, cherry eye and retinal degeneration can appear suddenly, cataracts, dental issues, corneal ulcers, nonucerative corneal disease, advanced retinal atrophy, several allergies and atopies.

Its common knowledge that breeders are working hard to eradicate these genetic traits within the Dachshund, thus saving them from the repeated occurrence and severity of these inherited medical conditions.