Dog Breeds - Great Pyrenees

Breed :      Working
Weight:      Male: 100; Female: 85 lbs
Height:       Male: 27-32; Female: 25-29 inches
Color(s):    white or white with markings of gray, badger, reddish brown, or tan

Great Pyrenees Breed Information:
The Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are known as Great Pyrenees in North America. It is a large breed of dogs, very affectionate and loyal, thus making it a guardian of both family and livestock. An obedient dog, it is soft and loving, but at the same time quite sober. This breed of dogs is related to other livestock guardian dogs including the following:
Italian Maremma Sheepdog
Akbash Dog
Polish Tatra
Polski Owczarek Podhalanski

Great Pyrenees Health and Diseases:
On an average the life expectancy of Great Pyrenees is 10 years. They are at a risk of bloats, bone cancer, locating patellas, hip dysplasia and skin problems.